Hi, I’m Shauna, mother of 3. I unexpectedly went through post-partum depression and anxiety. It took me by surprise. As an entrepreneur and constant go-getter, to be on the receiving end of help was humbling and at times felt humiliating. Not being able to do what I had set out in my heart and mind to do, a true enneagram 3 — goal setter, born to achieve my to do list. The set backs of being overwhelmed with small tasks was the worst — things that should be simple like sorting laundry, making a meal, following a recipe were huge tasks for my brain even when I knew they shouldn’t be that difficult. Going to the grocery store. Waking up in the morning. Being around other people, mainly other moms, or in group settings.

All of these triggers would literally send me into a panic and I had no idea why. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have had the language I have now to even begin to describe my feelings or shame around what was going on.
I now know that there is no shame in feeling frustrated with where I was or my inability to achieve what I wanted in the moment.
A much deeper work had begun.

Thoughtful Life Co. brings together moms and parents who need the support of others — mainly encouragement — and of course, ideas to living with purpose in mind as you sit with your family at the table, watch a movie or do your bedtime routines. 


Our mission is to create a place for moms to feel loved, courageous and to awaken to their dream of being a mother, helping them leave their own mark on history.